About the Artist

Coleen d’Avignon is a self-taught artist and has been beading since 1988. She began learning her craft in Sedona, Arizona, while designing and creating hand-made leather bags. Each piece was enhanced by the application of her original bead work and all of them reflected the style of the Southwest. 

After moving to Maui in 2004, she was introduced to the art of Japanese Kumihimo. Using this technique along with her own, she wove 8 strands of beads along with freshwater pearls and semi-precious and/or precious gemstones to create her one-of-a-kind necklaces. By experimenting with different shades of colored beads, she was able to design pieces that would be complimented by a variety of colors - which in turn added more versatility to the necklace itself.  

Her work has been selected and shown at different venues on Maui including Art Maui and the Hui N'oeau. She has also participated in many of the Artist-in-Residence programs offered by the luxury hotels in Wailea.

Constantly inspired by the beautiful colors of Maui, she uses the bead's color as the palette from which she 'paints' the delicate pieces she designs and weaves.