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human Design

When I was invited to the Human Design System in the late 90’s, I actually believed that it was another 'new age' crazy system. And, even though I was well-versed with a basic understanding of HD, it wasn’t until my initial reading with Ra that I was able to take it in.

The first thing he said to me was “My, aren’t we deeply argumentative” which immediately triggered me into a fighting mode. And that was the end, or rather the beginning of me being able to see who I ‘was’ from a totally different perspective. Even now, in the midst of my 4th seven-year cycle, I am still humbled by this knowledge that gave me permission to be me.

HD provides us with a way to live our lives with the least amount of resistance. That, combined with a new self-awareness, sets the stage for self-love and deep powerful appreciation for how we navigate in this deeply conditioned world of ours.

My consultations/coaching  reflect my 20+ years of life practicing as a Projector, and if there is anything I offer, it would be my insight and laughter to others who may be struggling with wrapping their head around this new way of understanding this experiment of ‘loving yourself’. It has been and continues to be that which brings me my greatest joy.